Unique Thinking is the Key to Success - Dr.B.Yashovarma

A short movie ‘Niraadhara’ directed by Mr. Manjunath Das of II MCJ was released on 25 April at SDM PG Centre. Upon releasing the film Dr B. Yashovarma, Secretary, SDME Society expressed that “Many experiments are being done in Kannada film industry. Even the concepts of Malayalam films are model for all the Indian film industries. These developments should be noted by the students to construct some unique productions,” Confidence plays a major role to cope up with the problems and to deal with it. The world accepts those who ‘can’ perform well, but not those who say ‘cannot’, he added. Director of the movie Mr. Manjunath Das explained various stages of the movie. Dr K S Mohannarayan, Principal, Dr M Y Manjula, SDM PG Studies, Mr. Bhaskar Hegde,  Head , Department of MCJ  were present on the occasion.