Department of Post Graduation Studies in Social Work



  • Preparing and motivating students for Employability with human touch


  • Projecting students around quality based education.
  • Imparting professional Social Work education with participative approach for the betterment of the Society.

Courses Offered

Masters in social work (MSW) Specializations offered.

  • Community Development.
  • Medical & Psychiatric Social Work. 
  • Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development.



I Semester

SWS 401: Social work Profession – History & Philosophy.
SWS 402: Working with Individuals & Families.
SWS 403: Working with Groups.
SWS 404 : Dynamics of Human Behavior.
SWS 405: Social work practicum.
SWS 406 : Seminar.

II Semester

SWS 451:  Indian Society – Polity & Economy.
SWS 452:  Working with Communities.
SWS 453:  Social work Research & Statistics.
SWS 454 : Social & Organizational  Psychology
SWS 455:  Social work practicum
SWS 456 : Seminar

III Semester (Description of Papers)

SWS 501 : Contemporary Social Issues and Concerns (Choice Based Paper)
SWS 502: Communication Skills and Management in Social work Practice.

Specialization papers: (Description of Papers)

SWS 503: Rural & Tribal Development.
SWS 504: Psychiatric Social work.
SWS 505 : Personnel Management  &Human Resource Development.

SWS 507: Education for Development
SWS 508: Working with Children & Adolescents
SWS 509: Management concepts

SWS 511: Social work practicum

SWS 512: Seminar

IV Semester(Description of Papers)

SWS 551: Project Planning &  Management.

Specialization papers :

SWS 552: Urban Community Development
SWS 553: Therapeutic Counseling
SWS 554 : Labour Legislations

SWS 556: Citizen Participation & Local Self governance.
SWS 557: Medical Social work
SWS 558 : Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations


SWS 560: Research Project
SWS 561: Disaster Management
SWS 562: Women & Gender Equity
SWS 563: Social Policy & Planning
SWS 564: Social work practicum
SWS 565 : Seminar

Highlights of the Department.

Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Methods ;
Seminars, Study Assignments, Group Discussion, Guest Lecturers, Guest Interactions, Skill workshop, Skill lab, Practical visits, Field work Experience, Research projects, Tests, Article reviews, LCD presentations, Field work Conference-Individual Conference, Group Conference, Agency wise Conference.

Best Practices In Teaching, Learning And Evaluation Practices

Students Faculty Programme, Value Education, Wall Magazine, Leadership Training Camp, HRD Cell, Social work Camp, Study Tour, National  level Meet of Social work Schools  – SAMBHRAMA, Block Placement, Summer Placement and research , Winter Placement, Communicative English, Computer Class, Alumni Meet, Computer Aided Learning (CAL).

Higher Education & Placement Opportunities

Global Employment Avenues-Children’s Services, Elderly Care, Mental Health, Young Offenders, Drugs And Alcohol, Adults And Children With Disabilities)
Government Agencies-Foster Care Agencies, Health Care Settings, Community Based Clinics and Hospitals, Correctional Settings, Nursing Homes Etc.

School Settings.
Higher Education.
Health Clinics.
Hospice and Palliative Care.
Mental Health Clinics.
Psychiatric Settings.
Social Service Agencies.
Programme officer
Panchayath  Development   Officer ( PDO)   
Higher Studies  







Sl. No Name Qualification Designation View Profile
1 Sri. Ravishankar K.R M.A (Eco), MSW, PGDPMQIR,(Ph.D), NET

Head & Assistant Professor

Name : Sri. Ravishankar. K.R
Designation : Head & Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.A (Eco), MSW, PGDPMQIR, (Ph.D), NET
Email -ID :

Specialization : Community Development

2 Ms. Dhaneshwari M.S.W.  (Ph.D) Assistant Professor

Name : Ms. Dhaneshwari
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.S.W  (Ph.D)
Email-ID :

Specialization : Medical & Psychiatric  Social work

3 Sri. Suveer Jain M.S.W.  (Ph.D) Assistant Professor

Name : Sri. Suveer Jain
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.S.W.  (Ph.D)
Email-ID :

Specialization : Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

4 Ms. Chitra.B.C

M.S.W  (Ph.D) K-SET, NET

Assistant Professor

Name : Ms. Chitra. B.C
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.S.W  (PhD) K-SET, NET

Email-ID :

Specialization : Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

5 Ms. Swathi.B

M.S.W  (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Name: Ms. Swathi.B
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.S.W  (Ph.D)
Email-ID :

Specialization : Medical & Psychiatric  Social work

6 Dr.Athul Semitha

MSW, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Name : Dr.Athul Semitha
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MSW, Ph.D.

7 Ms Akshatha K.


Assistant Professor

Name : Ms. Akshatha K.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.S.W


Department e - mail ID :