Department of Sanskrit




  • Impart the knowledge of traditional text, thoughts, teaching and learning.
  • Professional ethics being emphasized and inculcated among staff and students in teaching and learning.
  • Adopting learner centered approach.
  • Developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skill by using ICT in Sanskrit teaching.
  • Developing the sense of Indian culture, its importance and applicability.
  • Developing positive thinking and re-defining the ancient values and traditions.
  • Uncover and consolidate researchable premises from the scattered Sanskrit text.
  • Bringing out the traditional knowledge to present situation.
  • Inventing scientific aspects of Sanskrit since it is a storage of ancient scientific thinking

Courses Offered :  

  • BA Degree with Sanskrit as an Optional subject
  • Any Degree with Sanskrit as a second Language

Certificate Course :

  • Sanskrit Speaking Course and
  • Indian Philosophy.
  • Yoga and Pranayama.

Teaching Methods adopted :

  • Chalk and talk method
  • Teaching through LCD
  • Recitation Method
  • Short question Method
  • Current topics and seminars

Higher Education & Placement Opportunities

  • MA in Sanskrit in any University
  • BEd with Sanskrit as teaching methodology
  • Vidwan degree from Sanskrit University
  • IAS KAS etc

Any other Highlights of the departments

The Department of Sanskrit, Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College Ujire, came into existence in 1970. Eminent scholar and Shiromani Prof. K Vishnumurthy Bhat was the first professor and the Head of the Department. Some of the stalwarts who served the Department were Dr. Nagabhushan Bhat, Prof. Aravind Tilak, Dr. Narayan Poojar and Dr. E Mahabala Bhatta. Many lecturers who served the department for a short period were Dr. Maina, Shri Manjunath Bhat, Shri Shrihari, Shri H.V.Shrinath and Shri. Sarvotham Acharya.

The Teaching  position of the department is as follows.

  • Dr. Shridhara N Bhatta,  Vidwan (Jyothisha),MA (Sanskrit), MA(English), BEd, NET,Ph.D, Associate Professor and the Head of the Department
  • Dr. Ramachandra Purohith, Vidwan, MA,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Shri. Mahesh, MA., Part time lecturer

The Department is engaged in Teaching (Sanskrit both as a language and as an optional subject) and research pertaining to Sanskrit language and literature. Sanskrit is taught in Undergraduate level as a second language for B.A., B.Com., B.Sc, BBM,BCA  students  and also taught as one of the optional subjects out of three compulsory optional subjects. Language students learn Sanskrit  prose , poetry, drama  and contemporary Sanskrit literature where as optional students learn apart from the said area of Sanskrit literature ,  grammar, nyaya, philosophy, aesthetics, prosody, vedic hymns etc. The department has well experienced teaching faculty which undertakes research activities in their respective field of research.

  • The Department is recognized as research centre by Tumkur University
  • Three lecturers are recognized as research guides.
  • The department is guiding undergraduate students to take up student research projects and successfully completed 38 student research projects  in last five years.
  • Faculty of department have completed one minor research project and one major research project sponsored by UGC and one minor research project is under progress.
  • Two Ph.D. and two M.Phil. students guided successfully and seven students registered for Ph.D. under the guidance of faculty of the department.
  • No of scholars visited the depts. And delivered the guest lectures.


Sl. No Name Qualification Designation View Profile
1 Dr. Shridhara N. Bhatta

Vidwan, MA(Sans) MA(Eng) BEd, NET, PhD

Associate Professor

Name: Dr. Shridhara Bhat
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : Vidwan, MA(Sans) MA(Eng) BEd, NET, PhD

Specialization : Sanskrit, Alankara, Jyothisha.

Experience : 19 years
Email-ID :

2 Dr.Ramachandra Purohith

Vidwan, MA, PhD., NET

Assistant Professor

Name : Dr. Ramachandra Purohith
Designation : Assistant Professor.
Qualification : M.A., Ph.D., NET

Specialization :Vedanta.

Experience : 10 years

Department e - mail ID :