Department of Political Science




To produce future political and civic leaders, responsible citizens with democratic ideas to meet the challenges of 21st Century and strive for academic excellence.


  1. To prepare students to become active and engaged citizens at local, state, national and international levels
  2. To impart abilities to critically assess contemporary political issues and identify practical solutions to social problems
  3. To facilitate students to acquire community exposure through a variety of extra-curricular activities viz. Grama Sabha Awareness Campaign, Voters Awareness Campaign, Study Visits and SHG Empowerment Programmes
  4. To inculcate students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex market need
  5. To provide high quality education in Political Theory, International Relations, Public Administration, Comparative Politics and Indian Political Process
  6. To be a centre of excellence, inclined to scientific research and providing professional skills

Courses offered :

B.A. Political Science (one of the optional subject among three) with papers on Public Administration, Management and International Studies.

Papers :

Paper No
Paper Title
I Semester
PS 1
Political Theory
II Semester
PS 2
Political Thought
III Semester
PS 3
Political Issues and Process in India
IV Semester
PS 4
Modern Political Systems
V Semester
PS 5
Public Administration
V Semester
PS 6
International Relations: Theory and Concepts
VI Semester
PS 7
Management: Theory and Practice
VI Semester
PS 8
International Institutions


Short - term Certificate Courses :

  • Local Administration (L.A.)
  • Youth and Community Empowerment (YCE)
  • Youth and Women Empowerment (YWE)
  • Political Science for Competitive Examinations (PCE)

Compulsory paper for First Year Degree Course :

  • Indian Constitution
  • Human Rights and Gender Equity

Learner participation activities of the Department :

  • Study Circles
  • Seminar on selected topics
  • Power point presentation
  • Quiz on each unit 
  • Group discussions
  • Assignments
  • Articles on Constitutional & Political Issues, Current Issues, International, National and State Issues
  • Preparation of flow charts
  • Weekly International news presentations
  • Identification of places in world map
  • Small Research Projects
  • Sample survey on political issues and process
  • Internship
  • Study visit to Panchayats, Police Station, Registrar’s Office and Court
  • Interaction with elected representatives
  • Organizing Political, Social and Women Empowerment Programmes for SHG’s
  • Grama Sabha Awareness Campaign
  • Voters Awareness Campaign

Higher Education and Placement Opportunities :

Higher Education Opportunities :

  • M.A. in Political Science (Regular or Distance Education)
  • M.A. in Public Administration (Regular or Distance Education)
  • Masters in International Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi & Pondichery University
  • Political Science or Public Administration as one of the subject for IAS and KAS Examination
  • L.L.B.
  • B.Ed. Course

Placement Opportunities :

  • Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS)
  • Diplomatic Service – after completing Masters Degree in International Studies
  • After M.A. – Lecturer in Political Science in Pre- University and First Grade colleges
  • After LLB may practice as Advocate or write competitive examination for the post of Judges with five years experience as Advocate or work as Lecturer in Law colleges after LLM. 
  • High School Teachers – after B.Ed. Course
  • Journalism with Political Science makes a good Reporter and Journalist
  • Political Journalism – on current political issues
  • Political Analyst Study of voting behavior especially by means of opinion polls
  • Bank Officers, Clerks etc., (through competitive examinations)
  • Teaching Indian Constitution and Human Rights in Professional Colleges
  • Assistant Director- Parliamentary Research Wing
  • Research Assistant/ Officer, Legislative Assistant/ Officer
  • Committee Assistant/ Officer



Sl. No Name Qualification Designation View Profile

Dr. Shalip A.P

MA, Ph.D.


Name: Dr. Shalip A.P
Designation : H.O.D
Qualification : M.A, Ph.D.
E-mail-ID :,

Specialization :

  • Women Empowerment
  • Women Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Political Theory

Mr. Lakshmikantha A


Assistant Professor

Name: Mr. Lakshmikantha A
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.A., K-SET



Mr. Nataraj H.K


Assistant Professor

Name: Mr. Nataraj H.K
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : MA (NET) PGDY


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